Study Abroad: A Remote Learning Experience

By: Margaret Bawtinheimer Dozens of students, both INBOUND and OUTBOUND, have embraced the Sheridan international experience. While the current pandemic has constrained so much, it has also welcomed creative online solutions and unique in-person opportunities. This past Fall… Read More

Pilon inks exchange deal with Spanish university

By Stan Kamzol Further to nearly 18 months of discussion and negotiation, the Pilon School of Business is pleased to announce the execution of a new Student Exchange Agreement with LaSalle-University Ramon Llull of Barcelona, Spain. LaSalle is… Read More

Kudos and Acknowledgements…

Two of our 3 Year Advanced Ontario Diploma in Business Administration-Marketing graduates Anthony Guidotti and Nathalie Fassano graduated from HAN University in Arnhem in the Netherlands in June 2010 with Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and… Read More

Sheridan School of Business partners with Han University in The Nederlands

Sheridan School of Business three year diploma students now have an opportunity to study abroad in Europe thanks to a new agreement signed with the Arhnem Business School, Han University, The Nederlands. The agreement with Han University will… Read More