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Pilon School of Business – Study Abroad
FOR Academic Years 2020+

Study in Europe:

Opportunities in 2020+ include study for a semester or during a partner Summer School …. in Switzerland, or The Netherlands or soon in Ireland and Spain…

Students in Pilon’s Bachelor of Business program have an opportunity to experience a truly exciting and rewarding growth situation. Opportunities exist to earn credits, visit historic and culturally diverse locations in Europe, expand networks and gain a distinctive element to your Sheridan experience.

Academic Student Exchange Coordinator

Providing a gateway to exciting opportunities to study abroad with various Sheridan partner institutions. Professor Kamzol is your resource to exploring enriching and rewarding semesters abroad while completing your Bachelors degree at the Pilon School of Business.

Stan KamzolStan Kamzol

Professor & International Exchange Coordinator
Pilon School of Business
HMC Campus, A406
4180 Duke of York Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5

The Opportunities !

Students at Sheridan can apply for a full semester abroad (either a Fall Semester of Study typically August – January OR a Spring Semester of Study, typically February – July).

In either case students, once selected, work with the BBA Advisors to select a range of courses for which they are eligible and for which there is room within their program of study at Sheridan. Advisors work to establish as many Sheridan course equivalents as possible, ideally, since the student will be paying tuition at Sheridan, this would be the equivalent of 5 full time course equivalents. There are opportunities as well for students who may be limited to Part Time studies abroad of less than 4 credits as well. Together we develop Learning Agreements for the time abroad. Upon successful completion of study at the Partner school students will be awarded AS, Advanced Standing, for the courses successfully completed.

In addition to full semester study abroad, students can choose to pursue a Summer School opportunity abroad during which a student will earn a full credit (for a specific Sheridan BBA course equivalent) for study over either a 2 week or 3 week period at one of our Partner schools. These Summer School opportunities typically run in July or August of each summer.

Key Dates



Important Dates

If you are interested in or have applied for a semester abroad (or Summer School abroad), please keep in mind the following dates: 

A Taste of International Opportunities

General information for all first year students. Covers potential Semester Abroad experiences and Summer School options.

Where When
HMC Campus Orientation Week (Information Table in A Building) & class visits during 1st Semester

General information for all BBA students. Provides overview of Study Abroad Semester and Summer School options. Recently returned Sheridan exchange students are available to provide overviews of their experiences.

Where When
HMC Campus November (Fall Semester) & February (Winter Semester)

International Discussion and Qualification

Mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for an exchange semester abroad OR a Summer School abroad experience – students who do not meet with the BBA Student Advisor or the PSB International Exchange Coordinator will not be eligible to present their application.

During these meetings students will be able to confirm their course availability for Study Abroad Credit/confirm recommended interim Sheridan PBS course selections.

Where When
HMC Campus During Fall and Winter Semesters at least 4-8 months prior to any potential Study Abroad Semester.

Selection Process

All students who qualify to go abroad (based on the outcome of International Discussion and Qualification – see above) can apply.

What When
Application Opens End December of each year
Deadline for application End February: for next Fall Semester or Summer School, End April: for following Winter/Spring Semester
Semester Abroad Placement End March: for next Fall Semester, End August: for following Winter/Spring Semester

Learning Agreement Deadlines

The dates below are set by PSB. They give clear deadlines by when students going on a semester abroad exchange need to deliver their approved learning agreements to the International Academic Coordinator.


What When
Fall: Learning Agreement & OR  Summer School: Learning Agreement approved by coordinators Mid April
Winter/Spring: Learning Agreement
approved by coordinators
End September

Mandatory Briefing Session – Next Academic Year

As already stated in the info sessions, PSB and the International Office will host a mandatory briefing session for all Sheridan PSB students going abroad during the next Academic Year.

Where When
HMC Campus for all Study Abroad students (next Academic Year) Last week of April & Last week of November

Study Abroad Preparation

The dates below are set by PSB and the International Office. They give clear deadlines by when students going abroad need to deliver all relevant information and forms to the International Office.


What When
Summer School / Fall Semester of Study Abroad End March / Mid June
Winter/Spring Semester of Study Abroad End October

Follow Up Meetings with PSB and the International Office

The dates below are set by PSB and the International Office. They give clear deadlines by when students going abroad need to meet and debrief their Study Abroad Experience.


What When
Autumn Semester Mid February on their return
Winter/Spring Semester,
Summer School
End August on their return,
End August on their return

How to Apply

Sheridan and the Pilon School of Business believe that the Study Abroad Opportunity for its Bachelors students can be a positive and enriching experience. Over the course of a student’s investment in Sheridan studies students will be informed and updated on new and exciting opportunities for study possibilities for a term and at the post-grad level. Beginning in their first year students can develop their plans for applying for and, if selected, participating in these exciting opportunities.

Exciting news as some funding is available either through Sheridan bursaries or financial grants from our partner universities. This funding for eligible students helps reduce overall expenses abroad considerably. Together our partners, Sheridan’s Student Financial Services and your own preparation help ease the financial impact of choosing to enrich your life through Study Abroad !!


Information sessions begin each year in late Fall with opportunities for students to contact the Academic Student Exchange Coordinator and Student Advisors for further information. Applications are available for students to fill out and submit for consideration. The Pilon School of Business will review the applications. Selection is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, academic standing, overall application materials and the student’s preparedness to undertake the exchange. Applications are due during January and September of each year with selections made within a month thereafter for study opportunities in the following Fall and/or Winter/Spring Semesters.

Following acceptance formal application to the overseas Partner schools is initiated. During the course of the months following students will be guided in the application process (by both the Host Institution and Sheridan) and advice provided in their preparation for attending the course of study selected.


Information sessions are held in February/March of each year with students able to apply for positions available in the coming summer. Applications once approved are processed directly by the Partner schools.

From time to time dates and the particulars of the application process may change and Sheridan and the Pilon School of Business reserve the right to make changes to such as required.

If you have any questions or would like to submit your completed application form, please contact Professor Stan Kamzol at 

Study Abroad Application

Study Abroad Presentation


Information Sessions are always advertised. Watch for the announcements and any posters announcing upcoming events.

Applications due, either by end Feb. (for the current year) or end September (for the next academic year) each year …. please look at material posted for your consideration.


“As I reflect back on my experience in the Netherlands, it was an eye opening experience in many ways. Interacting with the students from around the globe with different values, cultures, and religion for 5 months changed my perspective on many countries. One of the perks of being in the Netherlands was the ability to travel to various countries at will. During my stay, I was fortunate enough to visit more than more than 9 countries, including the romantic city, also known as Paris…… So, in conclusion, I encourage and challenge many of you to dive into the once-in-a-life time opportunity of being an exchange student at the Netherlands!” Hyun Min David Lee (BBA – Global, HAN, The Netherlands Fall 2014)

“Ireland’s been amazing of course, friendly people, beautiful landscape, and surprisingly good weather.….. Adjusting here hasn’t been too difficult the culture isn’t too far off our own, same language certainly helps. People are super friendly and the pub environment is very inviting. ….All around things went well for us here.” – Nic Burton (Masters LIT, Ireland, 2015)

“If I had sum up my exchange experience in just one word it would be Amazing! I can easily say that studying abroad in Arnhem has been the highlight of my student career. Not only was it some of the most fun I’ve had in my life, but it was also an incomparable learning experience. Living and Learning while immersed in a new culture gave me new perspective on all aspects of life that I could never get from a simple vacation. There are numerous events and activities that really bring you closer to your fellow students. Aside from the school, living in the Netherlands opens up a host of opportunities to explore Europe on your own terms. Whether it be a weekend trip to Paris or a day in Amsterdam, you are given the freedom the make the most out of your time to do with it as you will. My only complaint about this whole experience was that I was not able to stay longer!” Aaron Strelbisky  (BBA – Global, HAN, The Netherlands, Fall 2013)

“I attended a 2-week course at FHNW, in Basel.  FHNW arranged field trips to the Swiss Economics Department and the Federal institute of Intellectual Property. Although our days were packed with lectures, we still had sufficient time to socialize, pop over to Germany or France, and sightsee peaceful Basel. Overall, my experience in Switzerland was rewarding and memorable. Not only did I earn a credit towards my accounting degree, the course was also a great cultural experience, as students came from all over the world including China, Thailand, the UK, Poland, Ukraine etc. My only regret is that I didn’t take a semester abroad, which would have let me see more of Switzerland.” – Misha Sharifi (BBA Accounting – FHNW Switzerland, Summer 2016)

“To say that my time abroad was amazing would be an understatement. It was completely life-changing. When the opportunity to study abroad arose, I was a little hesitant because of all the paperwork and planning that had to be done. However, right from the beginning, Sheridan handled everything. I had no idea what intense adventure I had waiting for me when I touched down in Amsterdam. It started off a little rocky when I missed my first train!! However, my excitement came back when I got to my apartment and met my new roommates from different countries in Europe. I also had the opportunity to travel around during my free time and befriend some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I will cherish the memories and friends I made forever. Thank you, Sheridan, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.”   – Davina Smith (BBA Marketing – HAN, The Netherlands, Spring 2018)

“My first encounter of the idea of studying abroad was at Mr. Kamzol’s Sheridan Information Session for the BBA program. This idea of studying abroad became something I looked forward to when I accepted my program. When the process finally started, and I was excepted to attend HAN in The Netherlands, the applications went smoothly. All questions were answered during meetings and meeting with pervious students who experienced study abroad. When the moment finally came, and I was all set to go abroad is when the true journey began. During the first two months I experienced some culture shock, meeting people from different European countries who have experienced life in a different way really opened my eyes to the world. After the first two months, life in Europe became normal and flew through to quickly. Becoming life long friends with different people, experiencing travels with these people, and even studying habits with academics, will forever be apart of my life as a life changing opportunity from studying abroad.” – Nadia Tymoshuk (BBA Marketing – HAN, The Netherlands, Spring 2018)

“The Study Abroad Program piqued my interest back in my first year at Sheridan College. I knew I wanted to pursue it. I know that people say the obvious that “going abroad changed my whole life” but I can honestly say that this is completely true and I now know what they meant. I wish everyone gets the change to pursue an adventure like this. The bonds you create, the experiences you have, the learnings you gather; all of these things put together make for a section of my life that I will cherish and will never forget.” Cole Arnett (BBA Human Resources – FHNW, The Netherlands, Spring & Summer 2019)

“The first time I heard about the Study Abroad Program was in my first year. I got so focussed on finishing my degree I almost missed the last opportunity available. I met a friend who was going and he told me there was still space! Working with the Coordinators and FHNW made the application process quick. Being in Switzerland was scary but amazing. I focussed on trying to make genuine connections with locals and the international students. Everyone wanted to travel and move around Switzerland. Never a dull moment! The most memorable moments I had was being able to backpack with friends and visit their countries across Europe. Being back I’ve already had friends come to Canada and I can see that I have treasured friends and memories.” Jordi Jove-Viniegra (BBA Human Resources – FHNW, The Netherlands, Spring & Summer 2019)