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PARTNER INSTITUTIONS – Academic Year 2016 – 2017

Study in The Netherlands:

About HAN

HAN University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality and practice-based education in an innovative, entrepreneurial and international setting. HAN is one of the top universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. With campuses in both Arnhem and Nijmegen, in the east of the Netherlands, HAN has over 30,000 students.


Study in Switzerland:

About University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

Switzerland is one of the most innovative and competitive countries in the world. For several years now it has topped the rankings of both the Global Innovation Index and the Global Competitiveness Index. Switzerland’s universities of applied sciences are strong partners to the Swiss economy.

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW ranks amongst Switzerland’s leading and most innovative universities of applied sciences.

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland –  Olten / Basel, SWITZERLAND

Academic Student Exchange Coordinator

Providing a gateway to exciting opportunities to study abroad with various Sheridan partner institutions. Professor Kamzol is your resource to exploring enriching and rewarding semesters abroad while completing your Bachelors degree at the Pilon School of Business.

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How to Apply

Sheridan and the Pilon School of Business believe that the Study Abroad Opportunity for its Bachelors students can be a positive and enriching experience. Over the course of a student’s investment in Sheridan studies students will be informed and updated on new and exciting opportunities for study possibilities for a term and at the post-grad level. Beginning in their first year students can develop their plans for applying for and, if selected, participating in these exciting opportunities.

Information sessions begin each year in late Fall with opportunities for students to contact the Academic Student Exchange Co-ordinator and Student Advisors for further information. Applications are available for students to fill out and provide for consideration. The Pilon School of Business will review the applications and confirm those students for presentation to Partner Institutions. Selection is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, academic standing, overall application materials and the student’s preparedness to undertake the exchange. Applications are due at end of January of each year with selections made by late February. At that time formal application to the overseas Partner schools is initiated. During the course of the months following students will be guided in the application process (by both the Host Institution and Sheridan) and advice provided in their preparation for attending the course of study selected.

From time to time dates and the particulars of the application process may change and Sheridan and the Pilon School of Business reserve the right to make changes to such as required.

If you have any questions or would like to submit your completed application form, please contact Stan Kamzol at 

Study Abroad Application


Study Abroad Presentation




Applications due at end January 2017 …. please look at material posted for your consideration.



“As I reflect back on my experience at the Netherlands, it was an eye opening experience in many ways. Interacting with the students from around the globe with different values, cultures, and religion for 5 months changed my perspective on many countries. Furthermore, coming from the culture where everything is abundant, I was shocked at how everything was small, congested, and eco-friendly in Europe. However, I learned how to change myself and adapt to the European culture and lifestyle. Also, as it was my first time living away from home, I did laundry, cooked meals, and managed finances for the very first time. One of the perks of being in the Netherlands was the ability to travel to various countries at will. During my stay, I was fortunate enough to visit more than more than 9 countries, including the romantic city, also known as Paris…… So, in conclusion, I encourage and challenge many of you to dive into the once-in-a-life time opportunity of being an exchange student at the Netherlands!” – Hyun Min David Lee (HAN exchange Fall 2014)

“Ireland’s been amazing of course, friendly people, beautiful landscape, and surprisingly good weather. Our program sounds like it’s about 10-12 students max and probably less which sounds really nice and the setup seems excellent….. Adjusting here hasn’t been too difficult the culture isn’t too far off our own, same language certainly helps. People are super friendly and the pub environment is very inviting. ….All around things are going well for us here though.” – Nic Burton (Masters candidate LIT Limerick, Ireland, 2014-2015)

“If I had sum up my exchange experience in just one word it would be Amazing! I can easily say that studying abroad in Arnhem has been the highlight of my student career. Not only was it some of the most fun I’ve had in my life, but it was also an incomparable learning experience. Living and Learning while immersed in a new culture gave me new perspective on all aspects of life that I could never get from a simple vacation. Returning to Sheridan I was able to look a coursework in a new light and approach it from an international viewpoint, which I believe gave me a leg-up on my classmates. HAN University itself is a great institution that strives to incorporate international students into the school community. There are numerous events and activities that really bring you closer to your fellow students. Aside from the school, living in the Netherlands opens up a host of opportunities to explore Europe on your own terms. Whether it be a weekend trip to Paris or a day in Amsterdam, you are given the freedom the make the most out of your time to do with it as you will. My only complaint about this whole experience was that I was not able to stay longer!” – Aaron Strelbisky  (HAN exchange Fall 2013)