Invigilator Procedures & Documentation

Invigilation Requests & Time-Slot Selection

Once Invigilator requests have been received, an email will be sent out to everyone on the Invigilator email list. The sessions will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and will be confirmed via an email to both the respective Professor and Invigilator.

Rate of Pay: The pay is $25 an hour, for the duration of the exam. 

Invigilation Documentation

To help assist in reducing academic dishonesty an invigilator report has been created for each exam you invigilate for.

  1. Invigilator Guidelines describe proper Examination and Invigilation Procedures during the examination.
  2. Immediately after the examination, Invigilators must complete the Invigilation Report indicating whether or all required steps of invigilation were completed, AND whether or not any incidents occurred during the exam.
  3. If incidents do occur during the examination (i.e. colluding, talking, using cell phones, etc.), Invigilators are also required to complete the incident portion in the Invigilation Report immediately after the exam.


Payroll Documentation

Submitting your Invigilation Report will act as documentation for payroll.

All documentation including should be submitted either via email or hard copy to:


Mailboxes: HMC: 4th Floor Faculty Mailboxes;

 & Davis: Top row of Faculty Mailboxes across from Rm. B305