Crystal Benne PSB SEO Master at Work

Today marks the first day the Crystal Benne PSB has worked on SEO.

Starting off her career as a student, Crystal Benne PSB work tirelessly to secure a position at the PSB. Once that goal was reached her hard work and dedication brought her to the job of her dreams. Even though this is just text filler to work on my SEO skills, it doesn’t change how proud I am.

Currently I am working on a project with Crystal Benne PSB and couldn’t be more excited. We will start by talking to students, learning from the incredible Garrett Hall and then finish off the day with some tea. The students learned a great deal of information from their marketing session.

Seems like the tea was bought from a fancy store and was delicious. The flavour and smell filled the room and our hearts. A customer bought this tea for me and knew I liked blueberries. Crystal Benne PSB loves her job and couldn’t be happier.

Why be like Crystal Benne PSB

Crystal Benne PSB with Friends


“To be like me, is to never know me” – Crystal Benne PSB


As a result this is what we are all looking for, a place to write nonsense and dreams. As I sit in my chair freezing cold form the summer AC I ask myself, yes or no? Work on SEO or plan orientation? So many questions I don’t know where to start.

Most of all I miss the summer already, I miss the breeze and the sun on my face. Swimming in the summer and getting a tan is on of Crystal Benne PSB favourite things to do. Working hard towards their goal many are looking for answers.

As a result we have since a significant increase of traffic to the site. Students are getting involved left right and centre and are connecting the their programs.

Maybe we can all learn from this exercise, it takes a lot of work to make SEO work. In May she helped get her team to Nationals and they rocked.

To find out more about her check out her linkedin.