Pilon School of Business Competition Team (PSBCT)

Who We Are

Students interested in showcasing their knowledge and skills by competing in University level case competitions

Why We Do It

  • Benchmarking our skills against the best students nationally or globally
  • Networking with the best employers worldwide
  • Gives a competitive advantage when applying to jobs

If you’re interested in…

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then this team is for you!

How We Do It

  • Weekly training and activities
  • Learning from cases means learning from real life scenarios
  • Professional development from Sheridan professors and industry experts
  • Developing Microsoft office skills
  • Building improvisation skills

Your Future and Your Fit

  • Are you serious about success?
  • Do you want to show potential employers that you can compete against the best students from any university worldwide?
  • Do you want to have fun while learning essential business skills?

Interested in Joining the Team?

Email us at psbct@sheridancollege.ca

Formal training sessions are to be held weekly. For details on the schedule of the workshops please visit the PSBCT facebook page at www.facebook.com/PSBCT


President: Cole Arnett

Vice-President External: Arriane Lo

Vice-President Internal: Sebastian Carrillo