Class Visit 2016

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Getting Involved

Extra curricular activities are an excellent way to stand out to future employers. They allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, build and develop your skills and network. Find out what key skills employers are looking for in the 21st century in our “The “7 Survival Skills” for College and Careers – Blog Series”.

Upcoming Events

Virox Future Forum

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virox speaker banner

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View photo’s from last years event here.

Pilon School of Business Case Competition (PSBCC)

When: March 19, 2016 HMC CampusScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.26.14 AM

  • Work in teams of 2
  • 48hrs to solve the case
  • Build a presentation to present to a panel of judges
What’s in it for me?
  • Intense skill development
  • Builds your resume & network
  • Helps you stand out from the rest

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Academic & Social Clubs

Take full advantage of your time here at Sheridan and join a club on campus!

Clubs are an incredible way to meet students with similar interests, develop your skills, apply your learning, build your network and connect to industry. Not to mention extra curricular activities are a great addition to your resume and help set you apart from the crowd.

To find out about all of the clubs offered at Sheridan visit

To find a list of the academic clubs related to business visit

February Click to Win Contest

Entering this contest has 2 easy steps:PSB swag

  1. Check your Sheridan Email for the Email called February Click to Win
  2. Click the enter button in the email
  3. Wait to see if you win one of our awesome prize packs

Prize pack includes: One Pilon School of Business Sweater, one Pilon School of Business Toque,one PSB water bottle one guaranteed spot to the Virox Future Forum and one ticket to the Guided Dinner.

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