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BBA Finance Rep Elections

Hello everyone, it is time to vote in your final student rep. We have two candidate running for Finance Rep. Monika and Yazan. There information and Bio are below. Voting is between Thursday and Friday.

Monika Slyka

Hello everyone, my name is Monika Slyka. I am in my second year at Sheridan in the BBA Finance program. I am thus running for the BBA Finance Representative Position. I love the school and am enjoying my program, hence I would like to be your financial representative to get a chance to be more involved with the program and especially with the students. Thank you for your time and your support!

Yazan Bani-Khaled

Is a student of Sheridan College, Bachelor of Business major in Finance. Focused, detail-oriented, independent, reliable, critical, sarcastic but caring and genuinely idealist


Prior to taking the finance program in Sheridan, Yazan graduated from University of Jordan with a degree in Mathematics. 12 years as a Math teacher, he worked at ARAMCO oil company as a Math and Computer instructor in the company’s Industrial Training Centre. He has been a teacher, and now he is a student again, so he knows what we deserve as student in a community college that is charging students the same as a university charges. Read as many books as you can imagine so you can say he is an introvert sometimes but extremely extrovert when the situation needs.

Outlook on the future

He has been a teacher, and now he is a student again, so he knows what we deserve as students in Sheridan, you are not here JUST to pay for the hefty charges, study and get a degree!! There is more Sheridan offers and more to be offered. If you have any concerns or ideas and need someone to truly stand for you then you can elect him and your voice will reach.

He has a strong sense of justice and seeks honest and genuine relationships with honest people. He believes that the finance student can be more, can do more, and can have more. We have a lot to be offered in Sheridan and we all need some guidance.

My future plan is my own business in wealth management.


BBA Representative Election Results

The results from the BBA Representative Elections are in! Congratulations to the following students:

Tina Tran | – BBA Marketing Representative
Nehal Phillips | – Global Business Management (GBM) Representative
Anika Haque | – BBA Accounting Representative
Markos Polydorou | – Degree Completion Representative

Their main role will be to serve as an advocate for their representative BBA group/stream on campus, bring comments/concerns/ideas to the Student Advisory Committee on your behalf, as well as organize and lead various outreach events for BBA students that support program initiatives.

Positions still to be filled are: BBA Finance, BBA Supply Chain, BBA Human Resources, and International Student reps. Please contact Ben LeBlanc if interested.

We look forward to having them represent you!

Want to be an Elected Student Rep?

Campaigning begins next week!

There are eight (8) elected positions available for the BBA Student Council Internal Committee. The available student representative positions to run for are:

  • BBA Accounting Representative (1)
  • BBA Marketing Representative (1)
  • BBA Finance Representative (1)
  • BBA Human Resources Representative (1)
  • BBA Supply Chain Representative (1)
  • Global Business Management (GBM) Representative (1)
  • Degree Completion Representative (1)
  • International Student Representative (1)

For an overview on the roles and responsibilities for these positions, click HERE.

All students wishing to participate as candidates must register by: Sunday, October 4th by NOON (12 p.m).

Please scan and e-mail the Candidacy Application form, as well as a list of student signatures in support of your candidacy (10 signatures) to Ben LeBlanc (VP Internal, BBASC).

Download the BBASC Election Package.  

Within this package you can review the rules, and find the Application Form and Nomination Form to be completed and submitted.

Other important dates:

October 5th at 8 a.m. -Campaigning begins

October 8th and 9th- Voting takes place*

October 9th at 3 p.m.- Campaigning ends

October 9th- Student Representatives Announced

*Voting will take place through email. A link and further instructions will be sent to all Sheridan emails during the dates outlined above.

If you have any questions please email Ben LeBlanc or contact us on Facebook.

Good luck!

Did you know?

There is a BBA Student Council dedicated to supporting your success and bettering your experience in the program?

If you didn’t already, you have come to the right place!

IMG_0187The BBA Student Council is made up of five members, each with a unique role. There are four VP’s- External, Internal, First Year Experience, and Events and Marketing, as well as the President. Each member was brought in to enhance life in the BBA program by delivering meaningful events, being a liaison between students and faculty, and always focusing on strategies and methods in which to add value, ease stress (who doesn’t want life to be easier?), create a strong community, and help each student be successful.

So what about success?

Everyone’s idea of success varies, so we want to know what that means for you. If it means more networking events, tell us. If it means providing some tips and tricks on how to manage the flipped classroom model, tell us. However we can best help you reach your success, tell us.

BBANot only are we here to help aid in your movement towards your success, we know a thing or two about initiative. Ever heard the saying “you get out what you put in”? We know that your level of effort, engagement and involvement in your own learning will make all the difference in your quest for success. Being successful in the classroom is important, but getting involved outside the classroom is equally important. We encourage you to find something that interests you while you’re here and get involved. There are lots of opportunities!

And if you are not sure where to start…..

Please come out and join the BBA Student Advisory Committee meetings, which will be responsible for planning all sorts of professional and social opportunities for Degree students.

These meetings will be held every Tuesday, beginning September 29th, 2015, from 10 -11 a.m. in Room A455.

You do not need to sign up to attend these meetings (please drop in!) and we will gather your contact information when you arrive. The hours you put in for these meetings will not only go towards your Co-curricular Record, but will also be a great way for you to immerse yourself in your program, school community, and ultimately have an influence on your own education!

But wait, there’s more…

Additionally, there will be elections running in the first week of October for year representatives, so if you want to take on an elected role, you will have the chance to do that right away!

If you want to know more about the council, keep up on BBA news or even ask questions, please LIKE us on Facebook! You can also send us an email.

[Stay tuned for profiles on your council members!]