About Us – PSB Research and Partnerships Committee

The PSB Research and Partnerships Committee (PRPC) operates to assist the PSB faculty with all research projects as well as industry partnership efforts. Our mandate is to promote research activity and industry partnerships for applied research and practicum experience for both students and faculty. The membership is fluid but tenure is consistent and without expiry.

Through the on-going promotion of research activity information such as seminars, presentations, and events, the PRPC creates research awareness and practical hands-on assistance for faculty and administration.  The PRPC liaises continually with the Sheridan Research office, the Sheridan REB, Sheridan’s research committee SRCA, and other Sheridan Faculties to provide current information on internal and external funding opportunities and potential industry partners and/or other Sheridan Faculty initiatives.  

The Research Advisory Panel (RAP) subcommittee of the larger PRPC is comprised of three to five researching PhDs, core PRPC members, who administer the PSB Research Policy and Procedure and provide advice to faculty and recommendations to the PSB Dean and Associate Deans (AD) on all expressions of research interest (EOI) and research proposals. While the RAP members can change voluntarily, just as on the Sheridan College Research Ethics Board (REB), the tenure of the RAP members is without expiry to ensure continuity and advice expertise.