Retirement Announcement: Fred Koch

A message shared on behalf of Karen Booth, Associate Dean, Foundational Learning, Essential Business Competency Studies and PSB Community Engagement

Some of you may have already heard, that Dr. Fred Koch will be retiring and his last day is June 30th. We are going to miss Fred and his thoughtful contributions to our learners, colleagues and the many PSB and Sheridan-wide initiatives he has been a part of since 2006.    

Prior to joining PSB, Fred practiced commercial litigation for a decade with a large multi-national law firm which included being a partner for five years. Since joining PSB, Fred has developed and delivered courses across all programs in the areas of Business Law, Employment Law and Occupational Health & Safety, and Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility. He places a tremendous amount of focus on supporting student success by proactively reaching out to learners early in the semester to ensure they are aware of the variety of Sheridan supports available to them. A few years ago, recognizing some of the challenges BBA Degree students were experiencing with Business Law, Fred collaborated with Library Services to arrange for the addition of PAL tutors for this course, building on the existing PAL tutor program for math courses. This provided additional support for learners and allowed for BBA students to have a work-integrated learning opportunity as a Business Law tutor.  

What has made Fred truly special and valuable to Sheridan is his contribution to a variety of committees and working groups, and his focus on continuous improvement. Fred has been a thoughtful member of the Davis Joint Health & Safety Committee, the Research Ethics Board, the Local Academic Council, Senate, Senate Executive, the Union College Council and a Union Steward since 2015. Fred generously shares his expertise in Business and Employment Law as a member of these committees which benefits the PSB and the entire Sheridan Community.  

In addition to Fred’s commitment to his teaching and learning practice and membership in a variety of committees, he has positively impacted the Sheridan community with his caring approach to working with faculty colleagues.  For example, Fred has enthusiastically assisted colleagues in the preparation of their Research Ethics Board applications. 

The following is a message from Fred to his colleagues:  

After nearly two decades of part-time and full-time post-secondary teaching, I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life with new adventures and challenges. My wife and I are both excited about the opportunity for off-season travel, and the time to pursue personal hobbies and interests. I will miss the formal and informal interactions and discussions with colleagues at the college, often over a cup of coffee.  I wish you all success as many of you return to the physical classroom this fall.

Fred is a very collaborative, thoughtful, and knowledgeable educator and colleague.  Please join me in thanking him for his contributions to PSB and wishing him all the best in his retirement. Fred plans to continue his love of travelling and will be heading to Prince Edward Island this September. 

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