Study Abroad Students Share Their Sheridan Experiences

By Sarah Dickson

The past two years have been turbulent and filled with uncertainty as a result of the ongoing pandemic. While students, faculty and staff within the PSB community have undoubtedly been impacted by COVID-19, it has also presented an opportunity for creative online solutions and unique in-person opportunities. 

In the Fall term, PSB hosted two INBOUND exchange students, Jessica and Fabienne from the FHNS School of Business in Olten, Switzerland. In the Winter term, PSB welcomed three more INBOUND students: Krasimir, Dimitar and Viktoriia, from SAXION in Enschede, Netherlands. 

These students shared their experiences and reflections on their semester abroad in the following interview. 

Dimitar, Krasimir, and Viktoriia, you were all accepted to both Humber College and Sheridan. What made you decide to study in Canada, or specifically at Sheridan College?

Dimitar:  For the past few years [we] have been studying in a small town. Coming to Canada and coming to Toronto/Mississauga was a big change we wanted to try. 

Krasimir: Canada is very diverse, and I wanted to go to an English-speaking country… I chose Canada because I wanted something different. 

Viktoriia: I have relatives here and I knew it would be easier to be here with people that I know. 

What surprised you about Canada?

Dimitar: It snowed, rained and then was 20 degrees outside – in one day. 

Krasimir: The surprising way teachers are teaching at Sheridan. Some teachers have a really good approach to students… Some teachers have completely different ways of teaching. 

What are some highlights from your time at Sheridan or in Canada? 

Dimitar: Out of the three of us, I had the most Sheridan experience. I had two classes on site each week. Everything was good. [The] teachers were engaging, and it was fun. Online classes are a bit hard to follow. [I was] missing the human interaction part. It is really cool to meet with teachers in person and to talk and have lessons [on campus]. 

Krasimir: [Professor] Peter Cowan liked to interact with students. He focused on us and mentioned us in class. Another teacher called Sathy [Sritharakumar], he has been very kind to me since the beginning. His class was quite big and I was the only international exchange student. [It] felt good knowing that he cares. [I am] impressed by his way of teaching. 

Viktoriia: I went to Sheridan and [was] given a tour of the gym and everything. I liked how the gym looked. 

A lot has happened during your semester at Sheridan. What has assisted you in overcoming these obstacles? 

Dimitar: Keeping a good attitude and realizing whatever happens is just temporary. Figuring out how to deal with day-to-day life. 

Viktoriia: For me, I think I knew that certain things had to be done. I had to fly to Europe as well to help my mom. No matter what happens around the world, people go on with their lives. What you can do is go with the flow and do what you have to do. That was my mindset when speaking about current events. 

What are your plans once the semester ends? Do you plan on returning home or staying in Canada for a while? 

Dimitar: I found cheap tickets to Alberta and want to go to Banff. I am still planning the details. [I’m] most likely going to go there, [and to] spend a few nights in Niagara. I found out that there was an amusement park in Richmond Hill. 


In these most challenging of times, PSB continues its active collaboration with partner universities in Europe. 

The Mobility Program (student exchange) has partners in Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. PSB continues to promote student learning experiences both physically (in-person) and through remote collaboration (COIL). The key driver of PSB’s internationalization efforts is to provide as many cross-cultural experiences for our many BBA students as possible. Taking Canada and PSB abroad while bringing the world to Canada and PSB captures our mantra.

PSB welcomes one INBOUND student from FHNW School of Business in Olten, Switzerland in the present Spring/Summer 2022 term. BBA students interested in Study Abroad should connect with Professor Stan Kamzol (, PSB’s exchange and partner coordinator, for further information on learning experiences abroad in 2023 and 2024. 

Sarah Dickson is a program support specialist within the Pilon School of Business. 

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