Pilon School of Business Davis Office (B305) to be Shared this Summer

Sheridan S sculpture by the front entrance of the Davis Campus in Brampton

Prior to the pandemic, PSB made the transition to office hoteling at Davis in B305. This was done in anticipation of our move to an office aligned with our future space requirements. However, with the pandemic, Sheridan did not proceed with any non-essential renovations and there continues to be an indefinite hold on projects across the College.

In the meantime, an urgent roof renovation is required in the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology’s (FAST) B203 faculty office at Davis. This necessitates the relocation of FAST faculty for safety reasons.

Given the size of B305, the number of workstations available, and to assist FAST, approval has been provided to designate ten hoteling stations in B305 for FAST faculty members. This will start next week and continue until the expected completion of the renovation at the end of August.

All FAST designated workstations will be identified with a sign and will be located together. We are working closely with FAST to ensure that there will be no disruption to the  PSB community. We have also reviewed PSB’s on-campus needs and have an appropriate number of faculty hoteling stations available.

The transition to hoteling at Davis for those faculty members who previously had designated workstations was completed shortly before the pandemic began. If there are any faculty members who did not have the opportunity to remove their belongings from a workstation, please contact Connie Taylor as soon as possible.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to let Connie or your Associate Dean know.

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