The Centre for Teaching and Learning Presents: Quick Tips for Remote Learning

Start-Stop-Continue Feedback Activity

How can you make the next 7 weeks of your semester better than the ones before? Consider getting some informal feedback with a quick survey activity, like Start-Stop-Continue (SSC).
Surveying the learners gives you the opportunity to refocus and reflect on the learning experience, as well as get direct feedback. 

To do an SSC in your online course use the survey tool in SLATE or try a 3rd party tool, like Padlet or Jamboard

Possible questions to include:

  • What should we start doing that would be helpful to your learning? 
  • What should we stop doing because it does not contribute to your learning?
  • What should we continue to do because it helps your learning?

Quiz Accommodations Tool in SLATE

Do you have learners with accommodations that require extra time to complete their quizzes? You can now use the Accommodations Tool to grant learner accommodations for all quizzes in SLATE for the semester.

The Quiz Accommodations Tool provides the option to grant additional time, as well as enabling the right-click function for all quizzes. 

To use the tool, use the following steps:

  1. Go to your Classlist, located under the Management dropdown.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the learner’s name and choose Edit Accommodations
    • A pop-up window will then appear. 
    • Change the timing either by selecting Modify Time Limit, then using the time multiplier or by giving them a set number of minutes. 
    • You will also have the option to select “always allow right click.” The ‘right click’ feature affects the ease of using a screen reading program (sometimes listed as text-to-speech software). This allows the learner to highlight text.  
  3. Set the proper amount of time and click Save
  4. A little icon ( ) will appear next to the learner’s name. 
    1. Refresh the page if the icon does not appear. 
  5. Hover over the icon to confirm that the accommodation has been saved.
  6. Repeat these steps for all other learners that require timing-based accommodations on their quizzes.   

Congratulations on successfully setting up the Quiz Accommodations Tool for your learner! 

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