New Online GPA Calculator

The First Year Experience Team is pleased to announce a new online Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator

The GPA Calculator will help students understand their current academic standing and what grades will be required in future courses to raise their overall GPAs to desired levels. Having firm goals assists our students in planning and delivering on their potential.

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For coordinators and advisors, the GPA Calculator simplifies the complex spreadsheets that many staff and faculty have built and maintained throughout the years. There is a print/save function so that calculations can be attached to student records.

The GPA Calculator grew out of a need for transparency. Students in the first year of the diploma programs and BBAs expressed confusion over how grade point averages are calculated. Jessie Singh and Jessica Angus, together with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, are responsible for bringing this new tool to PSB.  Many thanks for their efforts. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please connect with Michelle Guile.  

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