A Student Experience: Remote Studies at Sheridan

By: Keyur Tejani

Remote studies were not everyone’s cup of tea in the past, but it has changed completely due to COVID-19. I would like to share my experience of studying remotely during the pandemic and my personal beliefs about how studying remotely has  impacted my life.

I feel that studying remotely at Sheridan College is a good thing because access to the online platform (SLATE) has been made user-friendly and everything is organized properly. Submitting assignments is organized clearly for every subject, and I get  notifications about important dates. Most of my professors record their sessions, so I can  clarify the doubts I have by watching the lectures again. Furthermore, professors and tutors are always available to help. Whenever I need help from the tutor, I can get an appointment immediately and it solves all my doubts easily. 

There are some points that I do not like about remote studies. First, bonding with new friends and the professor is hard, especially since I’m not able to use the facilities like the library, laboratory, health care, sports groups, gyms and many more. Along with all this, sometimes I feel lonely and I do miss connecting with other people. 

While I miss connecting with other people, considering all these points, it is good that due to technology my learning has not stopped and I am learning new things daily.

Keyur is a first-year, international student in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program. His story, like others, showcases the impact that a positive learning experience can have on students, but also highlights the importance of building community and connection with others. Here are just a few resources that you can share with your students to support their virtual learning experience that reflect some of the topics Keyur spoke about:

  • Organization, Time Management, and Study Skills: The Academic Skills Hub created by the library has different self-guided tutorials that can help
  • SLATE Help: The Students: New to SLATE? page by CTL has lots of resources that can help students make the most of their SLATE experience
  • Tutoring: Tutoring is available to students by program and course based, by appointment and on a drop-in basis. Students can access the different tutoring options and book appointments through the Tutoring page on Sheridan Central.
  • Feeling Lonely: Students can visit the Getting Involved page for opportunities to connect with others in groups or they can sign up to meet 1:1 with a Peer Mentor.
  • Not Sure Where to Start? If students are looking for help but aren’t sure where to start, they can access the live chat (Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm) or book an appointment with a Student Advisor who can help. 

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