The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) Accredits Sheridan’s Honours BBA – Marketing Management

The Pilon School of Business is pleased to announce a partnership with the CPSA.  This partnership recognizes that the sales knowledge and skills delivered by Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing Management curriculum are aligned with the CPSA’s Sales Professional Competency Framework.  

The Honours Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing Management is now fully accredited by the CPSA, providing the pre-requisite education needed to obtain the CPSA Institute Sales Certificate and to pursue their Certified Sales Associate (CSA) designation.  

About the CPSA

CPSA Institute Accredited Partners are industry leaders and top sales training companies that deliver results-driven information and insights that will position students to succeed, now and in the future. Accreditation is assurance that students are receiving rigorous, standards-based training that help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in a complex, competitive marketplace. 

As the advocate for excellence in sales, the CPSA invests resources in programming, curriculum development and professional designations to help individuals and companies become more successful through more effective sales. We connect employers with employees, business with academia and the private sector with government to advance the sales profession and improve Canadian competitiveness.

The CPSA’s 20,000+ members benefit from learning resources, community building events and exclusive cost-savings benefits.

CPSA. Advancing Sales. Accelerating Performance.

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