Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Continues to Expand in PSB

Pilon School of Business students will now have access to new transformative global experiences both at home and abroad thanks to the Global Skills Opportunity Grant. The application titled “Reimaging student mobility: Towards a more inclusive, holistic, and sustainable model across disciplines“ was led by Dr. Amira El Masri, Director Global Education and Internationalization, along with Sheridan colleagues from PSB, Karen Booth, Associate Dean, and Stan Kamzol, Professor.

Sheridan received $500,000 in federal funding that will allow more than 600 students to pursue rich educational opportunities in the next four years. The project will introduce a range of online and in-person learning initiatives with educational partners around the world, combined with enhanced support and training to remove barriers to international mobility. The goal of Sheridan’s project is to expand mobility access across disciplines and increase student participation, particularly among target groups who are traditionally underrepresented in student mobility opportunities.  

Students will share and learn from each other’s personal views, collaborate inside and outside of class and be enriched by this cross-cultural learning experience.

As part of this project, two Pilon School of Business professors, Wayland Chau and Mark Weaver are delivering a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) initiative in two BBA Degree classes this semester.  Wayland’s initiative will involve PSB students along with students from Riara University in Kenya exploring current issues in business ethics. Wayland and his colleague at Riara, will lead classes on offshore manufacturing and the use of artificial intelligence in small consumer loans.  Students will gain a broad international perspective of these issues. They will share and learn from each other’s personal views, collaborate inside and outside of class and be enriched by this cross-cultural learning experience.  

Mark’s initiative will offer PSB students the opportunity to collaborate with students from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands on an advanced trading simulation exercise where they will participate in joint decision-making in an active, time-constrained, international marketplace.  The activity provides connections that reinforce theoretical knowledge, afford collaboration in a cross-cultural teaming environment, and then apply both in a simulated international decision-making environment.   The overall experience will be capped by a reflective learning assignment to capture the students’ takeaways from the project.

Interested in exploring a COIL experience in your class?  Here is a great one-stop shop through the COIL Sheridan Central page .  Please feel free to contact Professor Stan Kamzol,  International Student Exchange Coordinator who can support you with your COIL experience.

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