A Whole New Perspective: Student’s share their experiences of the Black History Month Capstone

In the Fall 2021 semester, our third-year Advertising and Marketing Communications students were engaged in an important Capstone project where they developed a new Black History Month Integrated Campaign for launch in February 2022.  The opportunity was enabled by the creation of a unique partnership between Pilon School of Business, the Sheridan Student Union and the Black History Month Committee of Sheridan College. The goal was to drive a more socially aware and inclusive student body here on campus and beyond.  Here are a few thoughts students have shared about their experience.

I think this is a course that should be in every program, or at least have an assignment in each program that has to do with Black History Month.

Rachel, Advertising and marketing Communications Student

“I did not know much about Black History Month but once the course was complete, I looked at it with a whole new perspective. That is why I thought the assignment was so important for us to do, because it educated us on something that everyone should pay more attention to and really opened my eyes. I think this is a course that should be in every program, or at least have an assignment in each program that has to do with Black History Month.” –  Rachel

“I was surprised by how much information we had not learned during high school (or even elementary school!) and I was surprised that it took us this long to have the opportunity to do a project about Black History Month” – Eyad

“I was moved by many stories that I have read through my research. I had a small background about Black History Month because I always used to watch movies about slavery and how Black people were treated, so it wasn’t all new, but I have never discussed it with anyone before we took the Capstone”.  – Eman

“The discussions and preparatory research we did on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, allowed us to confront our own misconceptions and practices as well as learn how to overcome them.  It (the Capstone course) made the classroom a safe place for us to learn and talk about a subject that always felt taboo out of fear of being disrespectful. By analyzing case studies that dealt with racism before diving into our projects we were given insight into the struggles and concerns of our client and the Black community”.  –  Meena

“Within the past year and even before, there have been so many recurring instances where the Black community has faced injustices. It was important for us to shed light on these situations to help make a real change in this world – by educating those who are unaware, or even aware already. I think that it impacted me being that I as well am a person of colour and sort of have a feel for what the Black community is going through.”  – Mackenzie

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