Sheridan promotes inclusive classrooms with new name pronunciation tool

Published in the Sheridan Insider on December 1, 2021

Sheridan has become the first Canadian college to adopt NameCoach — an online tool designed to help instructors learn how to correctly pronounce the names of the students in their classes. 

Available in SLATE, Sheridan students will be able to use this online tool to record their names for others to hear. 

The use of NameCoach is a key step towards building an inclusive campus at Sheridan. We’re dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere and empowering individuals within our community and making an effort to learn a student’s name can have a major impact on their experience in the classroom. One of the first steps to fostering an encouraging learning environment is to pronounce individuals’ names correctly. 

Initially, NameCoach will only be available on SLATE, but stay tuned for plans to integrate the software into other areas of the college! 

For now, we encourage instructors to enable NameCoach in their courses on Slate using the directions below.  

And please, take some time to flag this new tool to your students and encourage them to record their names. 

Learn more about NameCoach . 

For instructors: 

For students: 

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