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Published in Sheridan Central on November 24, 2021

The Centre for Global Education and Internationalization is pleased to announce the launch of COIL 101, a module that will serve as a valuable guide for faculty and staff looking to introduce collaborative online international learning (COIL) into their courses.

The module provides tips, resources and guidance on COIL from inception through implementation until the evaluation and reflection phase. To access COIL 101 on SLATE, please contact

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COIL 101 pathways

COIL 101 is designed to meet the various needs of Sheridan’s faculty and staff at different stages in their COIL journey. The module has three pathways:

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The blue pathway is for faculty and staff who are new to COIL and need guidance on putting together a proposal for a COIL project, creating a faculty profile to advertise their interest in COIL, and/or making connections with other professors interested in COIL abroad.

The green pathway is for faculty and staff who are in the process of developing an already-approved COIL project. This is the most substantive and practical pathway and will guide faculty and staff through the process of designing a COIL project, covering topics such as: integrating a COIL project into existing curriculum, creating learning outcomes to the COIL project, designing effective icebreakers, and more.

The orange pathway is for faculty and staff who are in the middle of running an active COIL project. This active pathway will help in answering questions that faculty and staff might have and overcoming the challenges that they might encounter along the way. This pathway also includes the interactive “Conversation Café” discussion forums where faculty and staff members can pose/answer questions and share examples of learning materials and more.


Along with the COIL 101 module, CGEI offers Sheridan faculty and staff multiple resources including:

  • COIL webpage: Learn about COIL at Sheridan and see COIL courses, FAQs, resources, testimonials and more
  • COIL channel on SOURCE: Find all COIL-related webinars and studies/reports
  • COIL community of practice: Stay informed of COIL news and events within and outside of Sheridan and share COIL related questions and experiences.

Special thanks

Special thanks are owed to the Sheridan team that was behind the development and finalization of this module including:

  • Amira El Masri - Director, Center for Global Education and Internationalization
  • Genevieve Amaral – Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Peter Galambos – Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Humaira Siddiqui – E-Learning Designer, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Laura Edge – Program Review Consultant, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Lana AlRifai – Global Learning Coordinator, Centre for Global Education and Internationalization

A special thank you as well to the Sheridan community members who participated in the piloting of the COIL 101 module and shared very insightful and useful feedback.

The development of this module was made possible by a grant awarded to FHASS and was funded by the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program.

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