Advertising and Marketing capstone project will promote Black History Month

This fall semester, third-year Advertising and Marketing Communications students have been engaged in an important capstone project in which they have been developing a new Black History Month integrated campaign for launch in February 2022.  

The opportunity was enabled by the creation of a unique partnership between PSB, the SSU and Sheridan’s Black History Month Committee. Its goal has been driving a more socially aware and inclusive student body here on campus and beyond.

As part of the capstone course, students have been working with faculty mentors specializing in social media, digital and content strategy, as well community studies. Mohamed Banda — Sheridan social sciences professor, PhD candidate and a member of the Black community himself — has been an invaluable mentor to both students and faculty alike. 

“This program is a unique first here at Sheridan and brings out the business case for EDI,” said Banda. “Inclusive and diverse communities are not just good for society, but also vital to a strong economy and social progress.” 

The overwhelming sentiment among the capstone faculty mentors and students involved in the project is that this type of innovative, important and transformational learning needs to continue beyond this semester. In fact, a recent study published by E-Marketer, revealed that the Gen Z cohort (people aged 13 to 24) believe that racial equality is one of the most urgent and important social issues businesses need to address if they want their support.

To date, capstone students have participated in many exploratory exercises to broaden their perspective on issues surrounding anti-Black racism.  Individual research projects, group case studies, reflective practices as well as discussions with Black community members are just some of the learning strategies employed.

“Given the sensitivity of the topic, our goal was to not only enable hands-on learning opportunities, but to create a safe and supportive learning environment where students could engage without reservation,” said course lead, Natasha Millar. “And we are already seeing the results with some really exciting new ideas emerging.”

Now, as we come to the close of the semester, capstone students are putting the finishing touches on their Integrated BHM campaigns and are excited to share their work with the BHM committee on Thursday Dec. 16. We wish them all the best of luck. #BHM #SheridanProud

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