PSB led way in research in 2020-2021, new report reveals

Sheridan released its Research Annual Report 2020-2021 in November to showcase and celebrate achievements in research, innovation and entrepreneurship college-wide. Included within its pages are a number of Pilon School of Business projects and activities.

Overall, the report outlines more than $7.2 million in external research funding last year in support of 170 different Sheridan projects – a 45 per cent increase from 2019-2020. A total of 821 students were hired for research projects, while 2,142 took part in curriculum-based research – also a significant increase from the previous year. 

Pilon featured prominently in Sheridan’s research efforts in 2020-2021.

Projects included PSB’s own Dr. Brian Chama’s partnership with the Afro-Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) on a two-year collaborative research project aimed at identifying the needs of Black entrepreneurs to help inform the development of best practices.

Another PSB professor, Athena Mailloux, explored how diploma accounting students benefited from innovations to the “flipped” (focused learning to inspire participation) classroom model. 

In addition to the research stories included in Sheridan’s 2020-2021 research report, the Pilon School of Business also showed a significant increase in faculty participation in scholarship, research, and creative activities during the 2021 spring/summer term. PSB had 21 faculty members engaging in SRCA compared to 5 in 2020 and 4 in 2019.  “Participating in SRCA work is elemental to fostering innovation in teaching and learning practice. Engaging in SRCA is one avenue in which we (as PSB) may invest purposefully in our individual and collective learning, our student success and our emerging value proposition and competitive differentiation. Affording our faculty and community opportunities to explore and pursue interesting questions, perplexing industry challenges, pedagogical innovation and co-creating applied research learning opportunities for our learners is foundational to our continued growth and sustainability.” says Dr. Anne-Liisa Longmore, Dean of PSB.

“The past year has been one of tremendous change,” says Dr. Janet Morrison, Sheridan president and vice chancellor. “Research, innovation and entrepreneurship at Sheridan rose to that challenge. Researchers were ready to pivot, quick to innovate and willing to accelerate collaboration internally and externally, to help find answers to the issues that matter.” 

The incredible stories of research, innovation and entrepreneurship at Sheridan can be found online in the Sheridan Research Annual Report 2020-2021.

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