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To enable the completion of forms for the ministry, the OTR worked with IT on a pilot project to leverage the Adobe Docu-Sign solution currently employed at Sheridan. We are now expanding the pilot to include additional workflows in an effort to streamline some of the more common processes. The project plan will be developed over the coming months, but the processes identified include: faculty grade changes, late starts, CAPS course withdrawals and fee refunds. Should these also prove successful, we will prioritize the conversion of other processes. The system enables us to see where documents are in the life cycle, how many have been submitted and ultimately stores a completed version for record-keeping. We’re optimistic about this initiative and the positive impact it will have on our faculty colleagues, students and staff alike. Please stay tuned for more details.

We’re pleased to announce that Sheridan students and community members are now able to see a complete inventory of the various financial awards that OTR administers on the myOTR website. Information includes: the award name, the number of awards associated, the award amount, the funding source, faculty associated and any related criteria (example: In some instances, awards may only be available to students in certain programs.) We’re hopeful that by making award details more easily accessible, more students will submit a General Awards Bursary Application.

The Fall Start of Term Guide is now available on Sheridan Central. This is a valuable resource for all employees as we all support our students, both new and returning, in the ongoing transition from virtual to in-person learning. The guide puts a tremendous amount of information at our collective fingertips. 

We understand on campus students are looking for study space. This Campus Services page has both bookable and non-bookable space posted: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/covid-19/return-campus-services. We are linking this to our MySchedule page in myOTR where students frequent.

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