Arrive Well feedback survey

Multiple flags from countries across the world.

Arrive Well, an academic support learning module targeting international students, will launch in late November and will be accessed by new incoming international students (Winter 2022 start).  

A popular topic in the literature related to supporting international student academic arrival is the sense of belonging as it relates to understanding program-level jargon and technology/software.  

Arrive Well aims to introduce program-level jargon support through its module. We hope this resource will also support faculty as their new students transition into the classroom. New students will also continue to be embedded in the very popular Learn Well virtual communities.

The jargon resource is meant to be high-level, not exhaustive. We would appreciate your feedback by completing the survey linked below.

If you have any questions, would like to preview this jargon resource once it is created, or provide feedback on the overall Arrive Well module, please contact Elyse Redquest. You can also view more information on the Well Series central page.

Survey Link: Arrive Well: Sharing Program Level Jargon with Incoming International Students

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