Announcing the 2022 SRCA Growth Grants (SGG) competition

Sheridan announces the launch of the 2022 SRCA Growth Grants (SGG) competition.

SRCA Growth Grants are internal awards granted on a competitive basis for projects involving scholarship, research and creative activities (SRCA). The SGG program is intended to support SRCA at Sheridan by providing more opportunities for faculty to pursue their scholarly, research and creative passions. 

Applicants may request funding in any amount up to $10,000. Funds will be available as of the Spring/Summer 2022 semester and must be spent by March 31, 2023.

SSHRC Explore Grant

Sheridan is also offering the SSHRC Explore Grant opportunity again this year. The application and adjudication process for SSHRC Explore Grants will run in parallel to the SGG process. SSHRC Explore Grants have the same proposal format and guidelines and are reviewed by the same committee.

Consistent with the goal of encouraging broad SRCA participation, the adjudication process will again distinguish between applicants who have not previously held a SRCA Growth Grant or other research funding, and applicants who have.


  • In the application form we have introduced two new questions that we require for metrics reporting purposes:
    • NAICS codes: The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is used in classifying Sheridan applied research activities. A drop-down menu of options has been included for you to choose which best applies to your project.
    • Clean technology: We are asking applicants to indicate if their project involves any clean technology.
  • An informational video will be available soon, and we encourage any new applicants to view it before starting their application or attending the Q&A sessions (see below for details on scheduled Q&A sessions).
  • Sample resource applications are available to view upon request by emailing
  • FAQs are now available for your reference.

Q&A sessions

The Sheridan Research Office will be offering Q&A sessions on Oct. 14 and 20 for those seeking guidance in preparing their proposals. Details will be announced soon.

Proposal deadline

Proposals must be submitted electronically to by 5 p.m. on Dec. 6, 2021.

Visit the 2022 Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities Growth Grants (SGG) site for guidelines, updates, the application form and process information.

Any questions can be directed to

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