Safety a priority as Sheridan gears up for partial return to campus

By Cameron Wood

As you may have seen in other communications over the past few weeks, Sheridan is preparing for the gradual return to campus. There are still many questions to be answered, and we recognize that it is natural to have concerns, questions, or experience a range of emotions. 

More information on Sheridan’s planning process is expected in mid-July including which student-facing positions will have an on-campus presence this fall.

Throughout the pandemic, some faculties have been operating under a hybrid model, but it’s important to recognize that those at the Pilon School of Business have not – and may have some questions on what is being done in preparation.

Over the next few weeks, Facilities will be identifying classroom spaces for PSB courses that are planned to run on campus. For each space, detailed capacity studies will be conducted in partnership with the health and safety team. Those capacity studies will identify configurations for each space that will allow safe use for faculty and students, including physical distancing and use of engineered controls (for example, Plexiglass).

Once new designs are prepared, excess furniture will be removed and existing furniture reconfigured to support safe use of the space as defined by the capacity study.

Other factors in this process include:

  • Access points to campus, wayfinding and signage will be installed 
  • Signage installed to promote safe use and identify maximum capacities for each space
  • Support spaces will be provided for students who need to be on campus between classes
  • Cleaning and sanitizing plans to ensure that every space will be regularly sanitized (at least twice per day)
  • Supplies will be provided to allow individuals to clean each workspace prior to and after use
  • HVAC systems have been configured to provide additional air flow and all filters have been upgraded
  •  Technology will be checked and equipment will undergo all identified maintenance requirements

Capacity studies will also be undertaken for faculty offices so they can be safely used to support learning on campus.

For those who will be returning this fall, there is a Return to Campus (Employee) Resource site. This site will be your ‘one-stop shop’ for all questions relating to returning to campus when it is your turn.

Cameron Wood is a communications officer with Sheridan’s Communications, Public Affairs and Marketing. 

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