Updates to academic integrity procedure

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Published in the Sheridan Insider May 13, 2021

In the spring of 2021, the academic integrity procedure document was evaluated for updates to support faculty in level one sanctioning. Please see below for updates.

Updates to Level 1 sanctioning procedures 

  • Remediation is emphasized at the top of the Level 1 procedure as it is an ideal learning opportunity for most students engaging in a breach 
  • Remediation completion has moved to 45 days from 30 days 
  • In option B, “extenuating circumstances” was removed for re-write submissions to reduce confusion related to this choice 
  • In option C, a faculty member can choose to assign a grade of 0 to a portion of an assessment instead of assigning a grade of 0 to the entire assessment 
  • In option C, assigning a grade of 0 is now recommended only for assessments worth 20% or less of a student’s course grade 

Please refer to page 6 in the Academic Integrity Procedure on Sheridan’s policy site to view these changes as well.

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