Sheridan Taps SLATE Data to Enhance Learning

By Meagan Troop, Kyle Mackie and Danielle Palombi

Sheridan College has embarked on a strategic project: leveraging SLATE data to inform and enhance teaching and learning practices, and by extension support student retention and academic success. Data holds the potential to influence our practices and to inform our stories of teaching and learning by providing insights into what, how and why learning is happening. 

The project is part of an ongoing student success strategy supported by the Centre for Teaching and Learning and Library & Learning Services. We have partnered with D2L, the providers of the software behind SLATE, to help us explore the use of analytics tools, with the aim of helping us get the right interventions to the right students at the right time. We have also engaged with a consultant, Kyle Mackie, to help foster a community of practice where faculty can develop best practices, engage in scholarship, and showcase their use of SLATE’s analytics tools.  

In addition, we engaged with our student-facing service areas in focus groups earlier this month. 

From April 26 to May 6, we met with student-facing service area managers to see how SLATE data might inform and drive their services for students. We heard about a desire to more easily allow faculty members to flag students at-risk in their courses to connect them with supports and to make it easier for faculty members to refer students to supports and services like advising and tutoring. In addition, we surveyed students on what they might like to learn from SLATE about themselves. 

Please see their 80+ responses in the images below:

In support of this project, we are excited to announce the launch of the new Teaching and Learning Insights Virtual Community in SLATE. This site includes research articles, help files, podcasts, and other relevant information. Additionally, we are excited to share the new “Learning Analytics: Foundational Concepts”, available on this site. 

The Teaching and Learning Insights Virtual Community is open to everyone at Sheridan. If you’re interested in learning more about the project, and accessing this resource, please contact

Meagan Troop is the manager, Educational Development in the Centre for Teaching & Learning.
Kyle Mackie is a Sheridan Consultant.
Danielle Palombi is the director of Learning Support & Early Intervention Services.

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