Is your email signature on brand? Update it today

A brand and its associated visual elements like logos, fonts and colours are powerful and recognizable only when used with discipline and consistency. Building awareness for our refreshed brand is a key part of our enrollment recovery plan, and every interaction with external audiences helps differentiate Sheridan in the market.

Here’s how to update your email signature to ensure it reflects our revised branding.

Email signature generator

Over time, we’ve noticed a lot of variance in style, font, colours, messaging and images in email signatures. In an effort to maintain brand consistency and ensure we’re only communicating essential, relevant information in our signatures and follow accessibility requirements, we’re asking all employees to update their Sheridan email signature using this revamped email signature generator as soon as possible.

The generator includes mandatory and optional fields and some that you can toggle on/off based on personal preference. We understand some employees will want some flexibility to share additional details in their signature with stakeholders, so we’ve included a space under the base design where you can add text and an image if it’s essential to your department’s objectives.

Image requirements

Outlook has specific image requirements for signatures to ensure they render properly. Please only use images that are no larger than the Sheridan logo, approximately 70 dpi, and uploaded as a .png file with a transparent background.

To get your signature from the generator into Outlook, please reference the instructions on this web page.

Please review these dos and don’ts carefully before you update your signature:

Please do

  • Review the fields PeopleSoft auto-populates in the generator and spell out words in full (e.g. change Mgr to Manager)
  • Update your signature using the generator and do so every semester in order to ensure details are still relevant
  • Maintain the standard layout the generator provides
  • Send yourself a test email after you upload your new signature in Outlook to ensure it displays properly
  • Inform new hires that the signature generator tool exists as part of onboarding

Please don’t

  • Take creative liberties with the base signature the generator provides
  • Use a legal disclaimer in your signature unless you’re an employee in the Sheridan Legal Department
  • Include extraneous details that aren’t related to Sheridan business (e.g. links to personal social media accounts, information that doesn’t pertain to external and internal recipients as your signature will be seen by both groups)

For any technical questions related to the email signature generator, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Learn about Sheridan’s updated brand and guidelines on our Brand Resource Centre. If you have brand-related questions, please submit a request through WorkFront.

Thanks for helping make Sheridan’s brand a powerful storytelling tool to help attract students to our exceptional experience.

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