Creating a Culture of Celebration – PSB Student Progress Recognition and Rewards Project

“You can do it!” “You did it!” “Wow!” “Congratulations!” 

Words of encouragement play such an important role in our lives. We all like to receive them, yet we don’t often use them in our interactions with others.

At PSB, we see an opportunity to continue to build on a culture of celebration where we explore and identify ways to recognize and reward students in hopes of encouraging them to continue to learn and excel. Beginning in March, 2021, an advisory committee composed of myself, Karen Booth, Sarah Morales, Jessica Singh and Jessica Angus set out to explore ways to further this goal. We received encouragement, guidance and support from Cathryn Oliver, associate dean. 

Let us together continue to celebrate student success. 

Sujaykumar Vardhmane

In May, we hired Jeramie Cruz from the BBA HR program for a four-month assignment as a co-op student through the work-study program. Over the summer, Jeramie will be scanning the external environment and conducting a literature review, all of which will inform us of best-practices being followed at other academic institutions.

In the fall, we plan to administer a survey through which we will invite you to share your ideas and suggestions on ways to recognize and reward student performance. Details will be forthcoming.

I would also like to recognize and thank all of you for the exceptional work being done in supporting and encouraging our students. Let us together continue to celebrate student success.      

I’d like to offer a special shout out to John Hardisty and Sathy Sritharakumar for their insights and wisdom in shaping this project. Without their guidance, this would not have been possible. Also, thanks to Sarah Morales for sparking the idea.

Sujaykumar Vardhmane is the program coordinator of the HR Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs and is a professor of human resources in the Pilon School of Business.

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