Three Students, One Company – Meet Levidi Consultancy Inc.

By Cynthia Rubino

Launching a new business is a challenge at the best of times; during a pandemic and an economic downturn it’s even more daunting. But that’s just what second-year Advertising and Marketing Communication students Faisal Silim (19), Jamal Stoney-Clarke (26) and Hiba Shafie (34) are doing. 

Their new business, Levidi, is a boutique firm specializing in creative digital marketing services with an emphasis on social media and customer experience consultancy. 

Companies everywhere had to change their marketing approach during the pandemic and customers had to change their buying habits; Levidi was founded to fulfill the needs of this new market place. 

Interestingly, the name ‘Levidi’ comes from Shafie’s seven-year-old daughter of the same name. She had a dream about a magical planet full of creativity, colour, fun and people with superpowers that they used to help others.  

And perhaps there was a bit of magic at play too when the three founders met and worked together online this year. Through remote class projects and collaborative virtual interactions, the trio formed an instant bond, solidified by the fact that they possessed the same passion, drive and a strong work ethic.  

Understanding each of their pillars and strengths will be a key driving force for Levidi. Silim will be leading the accounts and customer relations, Stoney-Clarke will be heading up technology and creative and finally, Hiba will manage the customer experience operations.

When asked what is the one word to describe the way they are feeling right now, they responded with one word: “optimistic.”  Indeed, they are confident that brighter, fruitful days lie ahead.

All three are set to graduate in Spring 2021. Be sure to check out their website, set to launch May 2021.

We, at the Pilon School of Business are proud of their determination, accomplishments and resiliency.  We of course congratulate them and wish them the best of luck and success in all their future endeavourers.  

Cynthia Rubino is a professor and field placement supervisor in the Pilon School of Business

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  1. Proud of you Hiba Shafie, another great achievement and milestone
    I read it all with a big smile on my face. And as usual, you are inspiring, brilliant and intelligent.

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