Expense claims streamlined with new ‘Chrome River’ system

Sheridan has a new expense claims management platform. 

The Chrome River Expense System provides Sheridan users with a number of key features to help improve the claims and reimbursement processes.

Using the new platform, expense reimbursement requests are submitted securely online; receipts are scanned and filed electronically. Expenses can be approved via smartphone, Outlook or online, without the need for inter-office paperwork. A tracking feature monitors every step of the reimbursement process and payment is made directly into the individual’s payroll bank account. Plus, users can retrieve historical expense reports and receipts at any time.

“Chrome River, a global expense management technology firm, is providing secure and user-friendly experience that meets Sheridan’s business rules for internal control and risk management,” Sheridan Central reports.

Employees can access Chrome River now for expense claims; legacy paper and/or emailed PDF forms stopped being accepted as of March 31.

The new platform can be accessed directly from the Expense Reporting page in Sheridan Central or by visiting chromeriver.sheridancollege.ca

If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact Ashley Shimizu, expense administrator via chromeriver@sheridancollege.ca or tamakiashley.shimizu@sheridancollege.ca.   

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