Enactus Sheridan takes home the 2021 Excellence in Innovation Award

By Jasmehar Kaur 

Enactus Sheridan is shaping generations of entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about advancing the economic, social and environmental health of Canada. 

As a student-led organization, we work very closely with youth to develop empowerment projects that impact the lives of people all over the world. These projects are developed and maintained by Enactus Sheridan students who present their work in a competition format. 

This year we competed in the Enactus Regionals competition and presented our three social projects: Project Futurely; CPA x Enactus, a financial literacy project; and the Entrepreneurship Series Project for the CWB Financial Education and TD Entrepreneurship challenge categories. 

We also competed in the Enactus Pitch Competition category and presented five prospective project ideas on the problems of Canada’s growing carbon footprint, the impact of Covid-19 on business and entrepreneurs and financial illiteracy among newcomers to Canada.

By using the power of conscious capitalism for positive change, social innovation and our commitment to shaping the world with an optimistic, yet competitive spirit, we won the 2021 Excellence in Innovation Award. 

This award signifies our commitment to ideation, social innovation, continuous change and positive impact. We are proud to be its receipt among the more than 50 Enactus teams that participated. 

At Enactus, we rally the energy, ideas and passion of the best and brightest students who see business to address social issues and thus we are an experiential learning platform, helping students unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and develop the talent and perspective essential to leadership in our ever-changing world.

Jasmehar Kaur is a student in Pilon’s BBA Accounting program and the president of Enactus Sheridan.

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