April is a stressful time for students; these Sheridan resources can help

By Perna Bajaj and Erin de Jong

There are many forms of wellness and we all take care of ourselves differently. When we think health, typically the first few things that come to mind are eating right and being active. But did you know there are actually eight dimensions of wellness? These include: spiritual, physical, financial, occupational, intellectual, emotional, environmental and social. 

While all of the dimensions of wellness are important, many students struggle most with maintaining their mental and emotional health, especially during April when stress around exams, finding a summer job, graduation and uncertainty about the future begins to bubble up. 

All of us have likely experienced some sort of emotional distress in our lives. We often experience it when things take an unexpected turn that differs from what we’d planned. Getting a bad mark on an assignment or exam, breaking off a relationship, missing out on an epic experience or even feeling uncertain about the future can cause discomfort and mental distress for students.   

It’s important for students to remember if they or a friend are struggling to maintain mental wellness: 1) They are not alone and 2) there are resources at Sheridan that can help.

If your students are in distress, here are some resources that faculty can recommend: 

1.      Wellness and Counselling Services at Sheridan: Counselling appointments are free and confidential. To book one email askanadvisor@sheridancollege.ca or you can use the online booking system 

2.      Empower Me: Empower Me is a 24/7 service that allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants and life coaches for a variety of issues. Call 1-833-628-5589. For information on how to download the Empower Me app, click here

3.      Keep Me Safe: Keep Me SAFE provides confidential counselling services to International students with 24/7 access to multilingual and multicultural experts. To access Keep Me Safe download the ‘My SSP app’ from Apple or Google Play or call 1-844-451-9700 

The 24/7 Support Decision Tree, which can be downloaded and shared on Slate, can also help students identify which services they may need. 

Perna Bajaj and Erin de Jong are health promotions specialists at Sheridan.

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