Sheridan’s New Brand: ‘There’s Nothing Else Like It’

By Natasha Granatstein

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Sheridan’s strategic plan – Sheridan2024: Galvanizing Education for a Complex World – clearly captures our aspirations to unlock people’s potential, fuel economic and social development, and make Sheridan a powerful force in the world.

The Sheridan brand, refreshed in early 2021, aims to show how we’re delivering on that promise. Through our corporate imagery and messaging, we are ensuring that Sheridan’s value proposition is clear, compelling and inclusive. 

Our new brand conveys:  

  • The spirit of Sheridan’s ‘middle ground’ blend of theoretical and applied teaching 
  • The signature palette of Sheridan skills that set our graduates apart and equip them to thrive on change, and 
  • A bold tone that integrates optimism, perseverance and confidence, while reflecting the smart, practical, career-focused education our students expect. 

The goal of the campaign is to position Sheridan as a trailblazing, differentiated institution focused on supporting students to be prepared, optimistic and confident, ready to face a highly complex world.

The creative development of the campaign was grounded in several rounds of market research and tested with key audiences prior to launch. The creative direction is deliberately designed stand out in the higher education sector. If ‘there’s nothing else like it’ is our brand essence, we need to look the part.

As part of repositioning Sheridan in the marketplace, we’ve invested for the first time in an overarching brand campaign that’s in market across a variety of channels including billboards, transit shelter signage, as well as digital and social media advertising and a few, very specific print insertions.

We’ll continue to invest in brand marketing beyond this campaign – starting this fall, we will have complementary campaigns that focus on both our enrolment objectives and building our brand. Stay tuned!

Woman staring off into the distance, with the following words below her image: "Better is coming. When you think creatively, problem solve critically, see change as opportunity and never stop learning with courage and confidence, the future is yours to create. Why choose Sheridan? There's nothing else like it."

Natasha Granatstein is the director, communications at Sheridan College.

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