PSB Community Meeting explored student coping strategies for learning during lockdown

By Karen Booth and Joanne Bonnet

The Jan. 14, 2021 Community Meeting celebrated the beginning of a new year with a gathering of our Pilon School of Business faculty and staff to share highlights of our accomplishments and many successful innovations.

The theme of Supporting Our First-Semester Learners with Actions and Resources was explored in the breakout session facilitated by Karen Booth, Deborah Wolff and Nellie Van Bruggen in partnership with Student Services representatives Sunand Sharma, Sarah Morales and Jessie Singh. 

Participants reported that 52 per cent of their students feel nervous or anxious at the start of the semester and that 56 per cent of students feel overwhelmed by the middle of the semester. A range of ideas were generated by participants who exchanged tried-and-true, as well as novel and creative methods, for helping learners cope with their feelings. The result was a three-page visual chart that lists actions and resources that faculty can incorporate into their teaching practices.

We as a school have embraced creativity and found new ways of connecting, engaging and building community. 

The breakout session facilitated by Bethany Osborne, Marcie Theoret and Sujaykumar Vardhmane on the theme of My New Practice and Remote Learning asked participants to think about how they can continue to overcome the challenges posed by the remote environment in terms of community with colleagues, experiential learning, students’ changing needs and facilitating great learning. A wealth of innovative ideas and solutions were offered up by participants who shared how we as a school have embraced creativity and found new ways of connecting, engaging and building community. 

Participants warmly shared their experiences of creating text groups to maintain informal communication, organic virtual learning spaces and supporting students’ sense of community through a range of technologies. The full report can be accessed here

Karen Booth and Joanne Bonnet are Associate Deans at the Pilon School of Business

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