Black Sheridan looks beyond Black History Month

By Stephanie O. Garrick

The Sheridan Black Students Association (Black Sheridan) represents the voices of black-identifying students at Sheridan. 

The events of 2020, which brought to light the daily struggles of black people in our society – ranging from police brutality to systemic racism – showed us the importance of a community that provides a safe space for our black students and supports their well-being, as well as their academic and non-academic endeavours. This month Black Sheridan has been moving away from talking about the trauma and focusing on promoting black culture and excellence, while celebrating our differences. 

There is so much beauty in diversity and we are very much happy to share and promote other cultures.

Black Sheridan is working to ensure that the support of black students goes beyond Black History Month. Initiatives include reaching out to counselling to help with Safe Circles, where guided conversations are had to make students feel comfortable talking about their experiences with people who can relate and hopefully get some closure from past experiences. We have also reached out to Library Services to help in the formation of a book club that is aimed at supporting black authors, as well as educating people about the black community. 

Due to lockdown measures, most of our activities for Black History Month have been limited to social media. Follow us at @blackk.sheridan on Instagram and at @blackk_sheridan on Twitter to join us in our celebration of Black History Month. There is much to learn and lots of fun to be had. We hope that by the end of the month, we are all inspired and looking forward to continuing to share and promote black culture, not just at Sheridan, but everywhere we find ourselves, and that we extend that love and compassion to everyone from any group we come across. 

There is so much beauty in diversity and we are very much happy to share and promote other cultures. Send us an email at and join the squad. Allies are very much welcome! 

Stephanie O. Garrick
Sheridan Black Students Association

Stephanie O. Garrick is President of the Sheridan Black Student Association (Black Sheridan) and a student in the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources Management) program in the Pilon School of Business.

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