SLATE’s ‘Learn Well’ virtual community to help students navigate remote learning

By George Kell

As Sheridan students adjust to the realities of remote learning amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the college has launched an online resource to help.  

Learn Well, available through SLATE, offers an array of free tools to facilitate student success in these unprecedented times. 

Faculty are encouraged to direct students, particularly first-years, to visit the portal, which offers community facilitators, upper-year program level tutors and peer mentors. Students can access live tutoring support and peer mentoring throughout the week, at no cost, and can ask their facilitator anything they want to know about their Sheridan journey.

“We know that a remote or hybrid environment is not what learners initially imagined when they thought about post-secondary education,” says Carol Altilia, vice president of Student Engagement and Enrolment Management. “These new initiatives are designed to help people become better learners in an environment that may be unfamiliar.”

Some of Learn Well’s benefits to students include: 

  1. tips on how to navigate the challenges (and embrace the benefits) of a virtual learning environment;
  2. strategies on how to retain information in a virtual environment; and
  3. information on how assessments will be designed, delivered and completed.

For more information, contact:

George Kell is a student in Sheridan’s post-graduate Public Relations – Corporate Communications program. 

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