PSB and CAPS see big future in micro-credentials

By Nazlin Hirji and Ashley McKernan

Now more than ever, education needs to be fluid and continuously evolving to meet the needs of communities. While they have been around for years, the current pandemic has propelled the interest in and growth of micro-credentials.

Similar to other continuing education offerings, micro-credentials offer an additional option and learning pathway with traditional diplomas and degrees awarded by post-secondary institutions. At Sheridan, micro-credentials focus on a specific set of knowledge and skills, they offer immediate career value, and they enable employment in specific role(s). With micro-credentials traditionally being completed in one academic term, graduates can begin working the following term. Responsive to industry trends and employer requirements, micro-credentials support reskilling and upskilling by offering in-demand knowledge and competencies. Sheridan’s Micro-Credentials are designed with one goal in mind – to enable our graduates to achieve immediate employment in positions that do not require diplomas or degrees.

“Micro-credentials support reskilling and upskilling by offering in-demand knowledge and competencies.”

Sheridan’s Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) is working in partnership with all Faculties across the college to identify opportunities to expand pathways for students to achieve career goals. Launched in Fall 2020, micro-credentials offered through CAPS are providing distinct value and relevance in the changing world of work. 

To that end, a new micro-credential collaboratively designed by Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business and CAPS will be launching in Spring 2021. The Change Management Micro-Credential allows students to gain competencies through three distinct modules. Acting as building blocks, each module covers an area of change management crucial to success in the workforce, in alignment with project management and the sustainability needs of the organization they work for. At the conclusion, graduates will be able to become a certified Change Management Practitioner, an Owner Operator, or a Change Management consultant. 

To learn more about micro-credentials, please check out the CAPS website, and/or reach out to your respective Associate Dean. 

Nazlin Hirji is the Executive Director, Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan College.

Ashley McKernan is an Opportunity Recruitment and Retention Specialist at Sheridan College. 

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