Pilon professor explores government accountability in the digital era

By Shivyoshita Sood

Doctor Sina Bahramirad, Human Resources and Management professor at the Pilon School of Business, recently presented his paper Virtual Forum in Citizen Accountability: A Case of Open Government at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference (ASAC).

The paper explores the City of Guelph’s “Open Government” initiative, a project that seeks to change the accountability relationship between local government and citizens.

Dr. Bahramirad calls it a “virtual accountability forum.” The paper finds that Guelph citizens use social media to hold the government accountable.

“I was able to identify an emerging forum among citizens that was able to hold the government accountable,” Dr. Bahramirad said. “It is different from the accountability relationship forums mentioned in earlier literature. The nature of this forum is online.”

The paper is in the process of publication and will be accessible to the public soon.

Shivyoshita Sood is a student in Sheridan’s post-graduate Public Relations – Corporate Communications program. 

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