Calling all Pilon Profs: Tell Your Students About Enactus Sheridan

Enactus Sheridan is the club that actively strives to tackle social challenges through the power of entrepreneurship. 

Part of the worldwide Enactus network comprising 70,000 students spread across 36 countries, Sheridan’s chapter is currently recruiting students who are seeking experience, leadership challenges and skill-building opportunities. 

Recent events included the Nov. 11 session on personal financial literacy. The meeting also featured a presentation on developing the soft skills needed to thrive in today’s online environment and offered a Q&A with Faith Pember, CPA Ontario Student Recruiter, who outlined how graduates can get noticed by top employers. 

Enactus Sheridan also provides resources for students interested in social entrepreneurship. Members can develop their own innovative, game-changing projects and bring them to life through the club’s own incubator program.

Enactus Sheridan also offers resources for students interested in social entrepreneurship.”

Members can also take advantage of Futurely, an Enactus Sheridan project designed to empower students, particularly first years, who are interested in leadership development and career empowerment. Establishing good study habits, portfolio building and overcoming challenges are all part of Futurely.

Diego Cortes, Enactus Sheridan club president, along with faculty advisors and PSB professors Garrett Hall and Connie Stevens, encourage profs to share details of the club with their students. 

Those who are interested can learn more and sign up HERE.

Enactus Sheridan recently received the National Spirit Award for their work at the 2020 Enactus National Exposition.

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