Interested in being a part of Sheridan’s Quiz Bowl team? Here’s what you need to know!

By: Shadai Miller, OCMC 2019 Quiz Bowl Participant

Quiz Bowl is one of 11 categories that students can participate in at the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition. I had the privilege of being a member of Sheridan’s 2019 Quiz Bowl team and was humbled to place second in my event. The experience required a strong work ethic and discipline, but it was extremely transformative and so I wanted to share my experience. Since the competition, a few students have inquired about my experience and wanted to know more about quiz bowl. This post addresses a few of those questions and provides some details about my own experience.

What can be expected in the quiz bowl event?

Quiz Bowl challenges students with several questions in a time-constrained manner. Similar to a game show, there is a moderator who poses 7 questions per round, ranging from textbook questions to chapter readings. You then have a few seconds to answer the question, so it is imperative that you think quickly under pressure. But not to worry, your coaches will help you prepare!

Perhaps, one of the most intimidating aspects of quiz bowl is that you are placed with 3 other individuals from a different college on the day of the event. So, you have limited time to meet your teammates and decipher what they know and how best to work together. But trust me, this adds to the fun! 😊

How can I become a member of the Quiz Bowl team?

Sheridan will host try-outs for OCMC in the spring and training usually begins in the summer. If you are interested in the Quiz Bowl event, you can choose your preference on the day of the try-outs. Although, the try-outs can be nerve-wracking, try to put your best foot forward and remain positive. It really isn’t as intimidating as you may think!

How can I balance being in Quiz Bowl with my other courses?

For me personally, in the initial stage it took a little time to find balance, but I did. Like any investment, a huge requirement is commitment, but what you get out of it is so rewarding. So yes, you will have training sessions to attend and you will need to do added work to prepare but if you stay the course, your reward is invaluable. Plus, you have such fun doing it! Time management is key.

In closing, I really hope that you found the information useful and feel motivated. I want to reiterate that I got so much out of the experience.  I had 2 amazing coaches who provided support and I had 3 incredible teammates who made Quiz Bowl the highlight of my semester. I wouldn’t trade the experience and the friendships created! So, if you are interested in being a part of Quiz Bowl and representing Sheridan at OCMC, I implore you to attend the try-outs, give it your best shot and the enjoy the experience!

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