How Long Does Your Application Take to be Viewed?

After submitting your job application, do you really know what happens on the back-end before you get that acceptance or decline email? There is a lot that goes into hiring the right candidate for the job. This article is a guise to allow candidates understand the 3 phases the Human Resource Department undergoes when hiring an applicant for a job position

Planning Phase

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The first phase is Planning. Human resource planning is when the company decides what positions they need to hire for and how many applicants they can afford to take on board. This phase also evaluates the skills and experiences required to fill the open positions.  After the executives have made their decision on how many qualified candidates they can hire, the process then moves onto the recruitment phase.

What can you do as a candidate to move to the next stage?

Keep your eye out for job postings on indeed and LinkedIn. If you are capable too, its best to have your alerts set up for specific job positions so you will always be in the know when there is a company hiring in your region of interest.

Recruitment Phase

The second phase is Recruitment. This is when the company reaches out to a pool of candidates through job postings, job referrals, advertisements and many more. With the technology today, many jobs are posted on LinkedIn, Indeed and on Company Websites. There has been little to no in-person interaction when submitting a resume as everything from job search to application is done online. As applications are now done via the internet, it is important to make your application stand out as only the successful candidates would be contacted for interviews and other assessments.

What can you do as a candidate to move to the next stage?

It is difficult to put your qualifications into words, but in this day and age that is the first thing recruiters will read. To make sure you are exactly what the company is looking for, do your research on the company, dive into their mission and values as a corporation and find how it ties in with you. Another great tip is to study the job posting. The job posting is shared publicly so candidates know exactly what recruiters are looking for. If you need help in polishing your resume, visit the Career Center.

Employee Selection

The third phase is Employee Selection. After evaluating the candidates for the position, different companies can use different software’s and resources to create a smaller collection of qualified candidates. After assessing the candidates, the company then decides which applicant will be offered the position.

What can you do as a candidate to move to the next stage?

In the event you are invited to an in-person interview, the best way to prepare is to practicing mock interviews of frequently asked questions with a friend. Remember to dress professionally and be confident!

The longevity of the hiring process is a debatable topic as it varies by the urgency to fill a position as well as if there is a healthy communication between human resources of the company and the selected candidates. However, the recommended time frame for the hiring process is between 2-4 weeks. Depending on the candidate pool this process may exceed 4 weeks. So when you’re applying for a well-known company in the industry do not worry that you have not heard a response within the first couple of weeks in submitting your resume. Everything takes time, and if you don’t land the job like you had hoped, take it as a learning experience for future opportunities.

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