Be the 2020 PSB Valedictorian

Fall is almost is here! As temperatures cool and the semester begins, Sheridan’s Convocation for our Fall graduates is around the corner. Here is your chance to represent the PSB Class of 2020 as the Valedictorian, delivering a speech that will resonate with students and will inspire them into the next stage of their lives.

Nehal Phillips delivers his valedictorian speech during Sheridan convocation in 2017. Nehal is a graduate of the BBA- Global Business Management program.

At Sheridan, a selection committee chooses the Valedictorian from a pool of applicants. The decision is made based on achievements such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, and engagement with the community.

The 2020 Valedictorian will need to prepare a pre-recorded speech, as this year’s ceremony will be held virtually.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the Valedictorian this year? If so, apply today through the link below:

2020 Valedictorian Application

The deadline to submit your application is 10:00 AM EST on Thursday September 10, 2020.

If you have any questions, contact Marianne Sy-Lucero at


5 Tips of How to Write a Good Valedictorian Speech

Marianne Sy-Lucero was a PSB Valedictorian in 2016. She is a graduate of the Business Administration – Marketing program.

Do you want to apply for Valedictorian, but don’t know how to go about picking a theme and how to prepare? To provide you with some direction, we spoke with two alumni, Nehal Philips and Marianne Sy-Lucero, to gather a few tips about their process of writing their speeches and getting ready for convocation. Check them out! 

1) Reflect on your experience at Sheridan.

According to Nehal, when thinking about the theme of your speech and what message you want to get across, it’s important to reflect about the memorable experiences that every Sheridan graduate goes through as they prepare for their careers. Talk to other students as you prepare your speech, and try to incorporate common themes. Remember that you are representing the entire class. For Marianne, it was important for her to emphasize in her speech that, although everyone has their own experiences, college is a place to make mistakes, try new things and grow as individuals.

2) Do your research.

Writing a Valedictorian speech is hard. Watching other speakers and Valedictorians can be helpful as you try to decide on a theme for your own speech.

3) Take time to recognize people.

More likely than not, students have counted on the support and help of others to be able to graduate. Higher education is challenging and takes a lot of dedication and investment. Who were the people that helped you be where you are today? Show your gratitude – together, we go farther. Dedicate a portion of your speech to thank people.

4) Seek advice.

Be sure to work with a professor or a staff member to proofread your speech and get some pointers on how to improve it.

5) Rehearse, relax and have fun!

Delivering the Valedictorian address is an honour and privilege. By the time you stand before the crowd at Convocation, all the preparation that you could have possibly done is behind you. So, take a deep breath and let your enthusiasm come through. Represent Sheridan students well.

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