Sheridan Wins 3rd Place Overall at OCMC 2018

OCMC Gtoup shot On November 16th, Sheridan’s Business Administration – Marketing, and Advertising & Marketing Communications – Management students brought home the bronze at the 2018 Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC) with 45 overall points. Each year, this prestigious competition brings together dynamic business students and motivated faculty to showcase their business talents and earn top rewards for teamwork, presentation skills, and strategic thinking. Hosted by Fanshawe College, this year’s competition was held at the Double Tree Hilton – London Ontario and welcomed 12 colleges from across Ontario.

Quiz Bowl Team

Left to Right- Denzil Wray- Levy,Olga Palicjcuka, Marianne Sy-Lucero, Negin Davood, Victoria Juras, Lorraine Cipparrone

This two-day event consists of eight case challenges, two individual events, and one team event called Quiz-Bowl for a total of 11 events. For each case challenge, teams of two are given 30 minutes to analyze a case and develop a plan. Once their prep-time has ended, teams must present their plan to a panel of industry judges. In Quiz-Bowl, teams of four compete against one another and are presented with questions on both traditional and current marketing knowledge. Each round consists of seven questions and teams are eliminated to produce a winning team. This year our Quiz bowl members placed 3rd and 4th in the competition.

Winners & Contestants
Event Students Coaches Results
Direct Marketing Jaspal Mann, Kaylee Nieto John Cooper
Entrepreneurship Shireese McConkey, Matthew O’Conner Michelle Guile 2nd Place
IMC Elayne Mayer, Lara Stagljar Stacey Sheehy 2nd Place
International Marketing Nicholas Hesas, Jeremy  Reay Carol Bureau 2nd Place
Job Interview Kat Buzelatto Crystal Bennett 5th Place
Marketing Tom Mathieu, Matthew Proborszcz Anish Bhandari
Marketing Research Maia De Graff, Isabella Mendes Kathy Hopkinson 3rd Place
Prospecting Pitching Harrison Turner, Salome Valderrama Karen Booth
Retail Kristy O’Conner, Marianna Holanda Alan Linklater
Sales Presentation Miki Traczyk Keith Barnwell 1st Place
Quiz Bowl Negin Davood, Victoria Juras, Denzil Wray- Levy, Olga Palicjcuka Lorraine Cipparrone, Marianne Sy-Lucero 3rd & 4th Place
Keith and Miki Celebrating their win

Keith and Miki Celebrating their Win

Miki Traczyk a student in the Advertising Program and First Place winner in the Sales Presentation event was excited about the experience, describing it as one of the best days of his life. In preparation for the competition, Miki spent many long nights preparing his sales presentation, while also trying to find a balance between his student life and training. Miki spoke highly of the people who were involved, stating that the coaching staff were incredibly supportive throughout the process. “Keith Barnwell was a great coach. He was a bit tough at times but I knew he was doing it with my best interest in mind. I couldn’t have accomplished what I did without him.” 

Keith, who has been a coach for Sheridan’s OCMC team since 2004, had nothing but good things to say about the competition. He likes the ability to interact with the students before, during and even months after the events had occurred. He understands that the road is not an easy one and that is why when he coaches he likes to focus on the details because that is what the judges and other competitors are bringing and Miki clearly rose to the challenge. Keith stated he really enjoyed working with Miki because he had such a great personality to back up his great technical skills. The Sales Presentation event is a real scenario that is presented in front of the owners and executives from the selling/buying company who act as the judges.

There’s no such thing as being too prepared. Knowing you are ready for any scenario that might happen makes you more comfortable and confident. This will shine through in the presentation.

Keith Barnwell

Davis Giving his speech

Left To Right- David Nowell, Lisa Symons, Keith Barnwell

This year we had the pleasure of having one of our very own faculty, David Nowell, win the Lifetime Achievement Award at OCMC after joining the competition in 1990. The award looks back over contributions that have had a major effect on the success of the OCMC. The provincial OCMC committee decided unanimously that David was deserving of this honour. In 2006, he introduced the William & Margaret Lydiatt Award, which is presented to students who support their peers throughout the entire competition process. He also assisted with mapping out fair rules for the events at OCMC as a provincial committee member. David goes on to state how incredible his experience has been with OCMC, with his team winning five gold medals and one silver medal over a consecutive 9-year period.  David really enjoyed working closely with the students and sharing such a fabulous moment in their lives; taking videos of all the events, some of his colleagues would even call him the paparazzi.

No good work is ever lost. Going through the experience of coaching or being coached. Testing yourself in a competitive environment is a life experience that is to be treasured.

David Nowell

For over 27 years, Sheridan College has participated in OCMC and has placed first in 2014, 2012, and 2010. Sheridan hosted the competition in 2010 and will host again in 2020.

Congratulations to all of our teams and coaches!

By: Shady Selim

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