The Sheridan Senate is Looking for Student Participation!

Student Senate Poster

How To Apply

  1.  Fill out the application, you can find it by clicking the link here: 2018 fall senate election nomination
  2.  Email the application to Sheila Shaver 
  3.  Have your submission in before November 14, 2018

The role is to engage, read the materials in advance of the meeting, ask questions and participate in discussion. You will be elected by the PSB, however once at Senate you are there as an individual, making judgements and decisions based on your own experience and knowledge. You are only expected to provide a student perspective on the issues being discussed.

The Benefits
It is a paid position at $14.00/hour for 3 hours of attendance.  Each meeting attended will be paid for 3 hours to cover 1 hour of preparation time and 2 hours of meeting time. The benefits the experience would provide to you as a student is an exposure to the many factors being considered in decisions about new programs of instruction being proposed and decided on, academic policies, the academic calendar, etc.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about the committee work that supports Senate, and the Local Academic Councils that operate within each Faculty.

About The Senate
Senate provides exposure to a governance body in action. Seeing a large meeting in action with a Speaker (Chair), motions and votes. Senate is the academic governance body at Sheridan and their over-arching focus is academic quality. Senate brings faculty (40), administrators (20) and students (10) together to discuss and debate academic matters. Provides the opportunity to interact with the President of Sheridan, Deans and Associate Deans and faculty. Senate is a co-curricular record activity so student Senators can have the activity added to their co-curricular record.


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