HRSA mass interview events gather over 600 students

As summer is quickly approaching, hundreds of high school and college students look forward to getting a job during the break. There are many great opportunities out there for students to acquire experience that will help them make important career decisions.

“The whole process of searching, applying and interviewing for summer jobs is a great way for students to start getting a sense of the job market. We, as Human Resources students, believe we can help them through this journey by organizing mass interviewing sessions,” said Patricia Rios, President of the Human Resources Association (HRSA) at HMC.

Mass interviews have become one of the main initiatives that HRSA organizes every year. Through mock interviews, HRSA members create a real-life interview scenario, so participants can practice and receive feedback about their performance.

During this spring semester, HRSA held multiple events. The first one was done in partnership with Woodland High School (Mississauga), in which around 100 students were interviewed at Sheridan HMC.

The second event was part of the Halton Skills Competition, in which professional interviews comprise the evaluative process. A team of 18 HRSA members were responsible for interviewing over 350 students along six hours. The competition aims to provide students from Grade 4 – 12 from the Halton District School Board and Halton Catholic School Board a chance to demonstrate their technical skills in a friendly but competitive environment. 

The third mass interview event spanned through the course of five days with over 450 Pro Edge students from Sheridan’s Marketing and Advertising programs getting interviewed.

“A lot of students actually felt very prepared after leaving. They weren’t aware of the nuances and the little things they do. A lot of us have ticks while we’re interviewing whether it is fidgeting, speaking very quick, and using filler words,” said Tej Dhillon, Vice-training of Training and Development at HRSA.

Mass interviews are not only a tool to equip job seekers. They are also a unique opportunity for Human Resource students to acquire hands on experience, and apply theoretical knowledge they learn in class. Interviewers actually go through the entire process of researching about job roles, preparing interview questions, conducting the actual interviews, and providing feedback.

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By Tatiana Almeida

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