One of Sheridan’s PAC Members Publishes an Article

Congratulations are in order for Malcolm Stoffman! He is the CEO of Momentum Credit Union and also a member of Sheridan’s Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for Business Finance.

Malcolm has just published a peer reviewed article on the difference credit unions place on corporate responsibility. The article is titled Credit Union Social Responsibility: Their Mission-Driven Difference.

The article begins with an introduction to credit unions, their history and development within the Canadian context, their link to the international cooperative movement through their identity, values and principles, and the evolution of their governance framework. The article continues by exploring the concept of corporate social responsibility and discusses the development of the model from a historic perspective through a detailed review of academic and business writings. Finally, the article reviews and compares corporate social responsibility in the financial services sector and dives deeply into the inherent linkages between credit union social responsibility and the cooperative principles and concludes that there is a deeper level of connection to the corporate social responsibility in credit unions as opposed to their non-cooperative competitors.

If you would like to read the article, please click here.

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