Business Associations Engage Students with a Games Carnival

What better way to relax and have some fun with friends than playing old-school games? That’s why the business associations at Davis organized a Games Carnival right before exams week kicked off.

“We wanted to finish the semester with a light and fun activity that would bring students together, not only business students, but all students that wanted to stop by and play,” said Daksh Gaur, president of the Sheridan Marketing Association.

Participants could choose from a variety of games such as Jenga, Lucky Colour Game, and Straw Soccer Game. The Carnival closed with two sets of bingo rounds and lots of prize giveaways.

According to the organizers, this was the second largest turnout they have had in the past few years, with more than 70 students in attendance.

Participants took home prizes including Sheridan lunch boxes, hats, and wristbands. The lucky bingo winners received PSB jackets and t-shirts.

Get involved with Sheridan students associations and help engage more students! To learn more, visit our clubs directory page.

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