Travel is in the Air – A Travel and Tourism Event

On April 12th, students from Sheridan’s Travel and Tourism program hosted the Travel is in the Air event at Fionn MacCool’s. With approximately 120 people in attendance, the experiential learning initiative of the Meeting and Events class was a success.

Such a successful turnout was not by chance. This past event was also a major assignment in the course that required teamwork and a considerable amount of effort. The goal was to organize a networking event. The special guests of the night included Tourism and Travel related professionals who have supported the Tourism – Global Travel diploma program. This special night of gratitude involved the Field Placement Supervisors, Professional Advisory Committee, as well as alumni currently working in the industry, faculty and administrative support persons.

Travel is in the Air – Cake

Travel Teams

In order to organize the planning and preparation for Travel is in the Air, the class was divided into four teams according to their strengths. Students could participate as part of the Decor, Food & Beverage, Media, or Program teams. One student was also selected to be the Assistant Coach who oversees the team leads. Donna Black, the professor, acted as Coach. The team leads selected were:

  • Assistant Coach (Management Team): Whitney Turner
  • Decor Team Leader: Oksana Mychalchuk
  • Food & Beverage Team Leader: Sophia Basheer
  • Media Team Leader: Genevieve Salvador
  • Program Team Leader: Oswin Gayle

Food & Beverage team leader, Sophia Basheer shared some of her thoughts from her experience in a management role for the event. No event is without its challenges in the planning and execution stages. Sophia mentions that in the face of things going wrong, she had her team behind her who worked together to solve the problem. “My team was wonderful, they did everything I asked for…Everyone fulfilled their tasks on time and with dedication. We worked as a team and everyone was welcome to participate”, she noted.

Working with others does indeed teach you many things and it is an important skill to develop, as Sophia figured out for herself. “I learned many things. I learned how to work with the team as a team leader, how to handle situations and make everyone happy…I would advise that when you are working in a team, to always value everyone’s opinion and go by the majority [decision], but if any conflict arises, to go with your best judgement”, Sophia added.


Decor of the Evening

A Proud Professor

Donna Black is very pleased with the efforts of her students. “As a teacher it is a delight to observe my students cooperate as they plan the event”, she starts to say.”The excitement they share together in their team meetings provides insight into the value of experiential learning. The practical application of theory is vital to success. Once the time comes when all that is discussed and organized culminates in the fulfillment of the event, team members rise to the challenge. Everyone shines as they realize the fabulous outcome of all their hard work. Just like a sports team, members pull together to play the best game possible.”

Upcoming Events

The Travel and Tourism events don’t stop there! On Thursday, April 19th, another section of Meetings and Events students will have host a Celebration Lunch event called Texas Tailgate. It will be held at Oakville Banquet Halls from 12PM – 3PM.

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