Sheridan Finance Association helps students face the job market

Launching a career in Finance is exciting and challenging. At Sheridan, students have the opportunity not only to have great professors and mentors, but also to engage in related extra-curricular activities, such as the Sheridan Finance Association (SFA). At SFA, students have several avenues to organize events, network with alumni and professionals, and learn more about the job market.

“The purpose of the club is to connect Sheridan students to the professional world of Finance. It’s a social club, so we are very unrestricted as to who is able to join. Generally, we are open to any student who is interested in finance and its various divisions,” said Justin Mayo, SFA’s president.

Recently, SFA organized an information session about becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). With a full house, the workshop aimed at giving students a time to hear from professionals, and learn how they can go about obtaining the CFP designation. The event counted on the participation of Kelly Becken (FPSC Education Consultant), Akinwale Thompson, CFP (Financial Planner at Kingdom Financial) and Kathleen Bégin, CFP (Professor of Finance at Sheridan’s PSB).

Besides attending SFA’s events, students can also become a member. According to Justin, the networking opportunities that come with being engaged with the club is one of the greatest benefits. Current members have been able to gain significant help in the job search process as well as connect with the people that can answer their questions, and offer guidance.

Secondly, being a part of SFA also helps students break into the industry in a specialization that truly interests them.

“Finance is an industry where you have to be a go-getter if you truly want to produce a fruitful career. Putting yourself out there is everything in this industry,” explains Justin. “At the bottom-level to the top, the finance club helps students gain hands on experience by simply getting things done – whether that means cold-calling professionals to ask if they want to speak at an event we are hosting, or doing in-class visits to promote a workshop we are facilitating.”

To learn more about becoming a member of the SFA, visit their website

By: Tatiana Almeida

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